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Every manager faces problems of accounting as he is responsible for correctness and timeliness of accounting and tax calculation and there are big fines for violation of the tax and accounting legislation.

 Nowadays there are two main methods of accounting organization:

  1. Creating of accountant position or establishing of subdivision leading by accountant-general;
  2. Accounting by specialized company (outsourcing).

The second variant is considered to be more comfortable method of accounting primarily for small and medium organizations and individuals.

                                                                                                                                                                              Outsourcing – is attraction of external organization, specialized on realisation of concrete services and for performing of incidental company operations.    


Practicability of outsourcing is determined, first of all, as reducing of accounting expenses. It becomes possible due to so called ‘scale advantage’ – outsourcing company keeps books of several organizations what allows reducing expenses for every client and as a result total expenses for accounting.

Let’s consider main benefits of outsourcing by "MIREMAKS":

1. You get rid of such expenses as:

  • salaries of accountants;
  • taxes and Social Insurance of accountants’ salary;
  • technical equipment for accountants;
  • installing special software and its renovation;
  • buying and maintenance of legal framing;
  • purchasing of professional books and background materials for accounting;
  • courses of accountant advanced training;
  • office requisites and so on.

2. Except the above-mentioned outsourcing rids organizations of complexities, connected with looking for qualified accountants, granting vacation time and allowance for treatment, dismissals and different labour arguments.

3. Optimisation of tax. Our company conducts an audit to give an opportunity to reduce taxes. Knowledge of nuances of tax legislation and juridical practise allows reducing sums of taxes. It is economy of your capital.

4. Reducing of tax risks. Bring accountants to responsibility for accounting faults is practically impossible. This is due to relationship ‘employer-employee’ refers to an area of labour legislation. The responsibility of outsourcing company is much higher as it is in charge of performing of a contractual obligations, under civil legislation.

 Addressing us you will get full staff of qualified specialists for two times less sum than a salary of an accountant.

 Accounting includes:

  • Preparing of documents and accounting;
  • Calculation of salary and accompanied taxes;
  • Calculation and minimising of taxes;
  • Preparing and presentation declarations and reports to tax administration, retirement and Social Insurance Funds;
  • Consulting of leadership in area of taxation, including aspects of optimisation of taxes and tax planning;
  • Assistance and consultation during cameral tax inspections by tax authority and extra-budgetary funds.

The price of full accounting of a medium company with a stuff of 20 people is about 20000 roubles. Address our administration for more precise information.

Ordering of a service