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Time of every businessman is priceless. The company ‘Miremax’ will help you to do everything in your power for your business – and we will provide computer and office equipment service. Even small companies need server, network equipment, software and so on. Furthermore it needs to provide high-quality service of office equipment and computers for fault-tolerance work.

For maintenance support of different subsystems it needs to maintain several specialists or to hire another one and to feel inferior quality. The solution is to be serviced by ‘Miremax’ specialists of computer and office equipment which will become full IT division of your company. The service of ‘Miremax’ includes high-quality and benefits.

It infrastructure service includes:

1. Service

  • Email
  • Network access
  • Remote access
  • Defended channels of communication with filial branches 
  • Shared access to files
  • Virus protection
  • Data back-up
  • IP telephony

2. Maintenance of workstations

  • Installing and customizing of software
  • Repair, cleaning and modernization

3. Service of office equipment

  • Cartridge refill
  • Repair and cleaning
  • Customizing

4. Server service

  • Configuration management
  • Repair, cleaning and modernization

5. User maintenance

  • Consulting
  • Assistance in trouble

6. It accounting of equipment and service

7. Accompanying relationship with IT equipment and service suppliers

8. Service of local networks

9. Keeping documents

The cost is individual for every company as it consists of many factors: quantity of work stations, servers, copy and other machines, special software and so on.

We are interested in every client that is why the cost of our service is the lowest one in ST-Petersburg. For example full IT service of our company (that consists of 15 workstations with software, server, IP telephony and several copy machines) costs approximately 15000 roubles a month.

Ordering of a service