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Nowadays the notion "registered address" and "real address" of an enterprise is not defined in the legislation. The notion "registered address" means specified in the founding documents as the location address of the enterprise.

According to the legislation, there is only the notion "location" of a legal entity. This implies a situation where the legal entity is at its state registration.

However, the reality is that the "registered address", for various reasons, does not always coincide with the "location", i.e. real address of an enterprise or a new company, at the time of registration may not be any address, and in the founding documents it must already be specified and it needs to open an account in a bank.

The company "MIREMAKS" provides a service to the provision of registered addresses. All registered addresses, purchased from our company have legal purity and that is now very important, since it is known that the tax authority forms a "black list of registered addresses" (a list of addresses of mass registration of legal entities). If your registered address will appear in this list, you fail to register your firm. This will entail additional expenses for the second legal fees, notary and legal costs. To avoid this situation, it is better to register a company on the real registered office.

In all registered addresses provided by our company are located real office spaces, so these registered addresses can pass both a tax audit and any other of a bank.

The service includes the provision of registered address:

  • The contract of lease for 11 months;
  • Mail service;
  • The closing documents for your accounting department;
  • Ability to conduct inspections.

The price of the service is 11 000 roubles for 11 months*.

*In case of inspections, every inspection is 3000 roubles.

Ordering of a service