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Reporting of Zero balance Ordering of a service

Necessity in reporting of zero balance accounting for enterprises and individuals arises in following cases:

  • If an individual entrepreneur or a legal entity is registered, but during accounting period it performed no operations and employed no employees.
  • If an organization has suspended activity for any reasons and it has not performed financial operations and deals, salary for employees has not been calculated and paid and there have not been any operations in the transaction account.

Zero balance accounting reports once every three month.

Non-compliance with deadlines or non-presentation of reports in the tax authority and funds affects fines.

The service of Reporting of Zero balance  includes:

  1. preparing of full packet of documents for tax authority and non-state funds;
  2. early warning about necessity to sign;
  3. providing full packet of documents with marks confirming submission of reports.

All that you are required is to contact our specialist, to send him necessary data and to meet him for signing reports.

The term of service: 1 workday.


Reporting of Zero balance for general taxation system (GTS) is 3000 roubles.

Reporting is performed once every three month.

Reporting of Zero balance for simplified taxation system (STS) is 2000 roubles.

Reporting is performed once a year.

Also we recommend you to activate «electronic reporting». For reasonable fee (from 3000 to 5000 roubles a year depending on taxation system) you needn’t meet for singing reports. Also you can get a discount for our company’s service.

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