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International Reporting is always relevant if your interests spread outside you homeland. Also according to the law many companies have to use international standards.

The most widespread standards are - IFRS.

IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) – are standards of reporting, acknowledged all over the world. They have been established in Europe and complimentary in most of European countries.  Enterprises of every country of the world, whose stocks are traded on the stock market, have to apply international standards preparing reports.

According to the conception of accounting development in Russia, established in 1998, Russian standards meet IFRS requirements.

In Russia international standards nowadays must be used by:

  1. credit organizations;
  2. insurance organizations;
  3. companies that present consolidated accounts;
  4. companies whose stocks are traded on the stock market.

Subsidiaries and representative offices of foreign companies also report according to International standards for compatibility.

The company ‘Miremax’ offers two variants of accounting, according to International Standards. Both of them are widespread and have some advantages:

  1. Transforming of reports, performed according to the Russian standards which have such benefits as low expenses and they are alike International Standards.
  2. Full accounting with concrete reflection of operations in Russian and International accounting. The advantage is strict abidance by International Standard reflection of operations.

Our company works out book of accounts and analytical data sheets to account according to International Standards, performs implementation and customizing accounting program.

The result of our work is high-quality account according to International Standards.

The high level of our service is reached due to qualified specialists in internal control system.

If you account in accordance with International Standards but a level of other company’s service is not appropriate for you then you should address us for consultation and we will try to offer you an advantageous suggestion.

The price of international reporting is up to a scope of paperwork and kind of enterprise. You can get additional information to consult with our specialist.

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