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Registration of sole trader (ST) Ordering of a service

Sole trader (ST) – is an individual, registered in accordance with established procedure and do business without forming a legal entity.

The main advantages of ST over a legal entity:

  1. Facility of processes creating and doing business.
  2. You don’t pay estate tax, used in the enterprise.
  3. Facilitate method of decision-making (it is not necessary to prepare protocols).
  4. An individual, using uniform tax on imputed income, has a possibility not to do accounts.
  5. An individual must fee established payments to social fund in spite of revenue.

Our specialists will help you to decide which form of business you need to register – Sole trader or legal entity.

The term of the registration: 5 work days. 

The price of service:

The Registration of ST costs 2000 roubles.*

*The price does not include expenses for state taxes – 800 roubles and notary service - 600-1000 roubles.

Service of ST registration consists of:

  • State registration briefing;
  • Preparation of necessary documents, including selection of appropriate codes of Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS);
  • Accompanying in notary;
  • Filling of application for simplified taxation scheme (if it is necessary);
  • Getting of documents after registration of Federal tax agency's inspectorate and delivering it to client;
  • Registration of ST in retirement and Social Insurance Funds.


Ordering of a service

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