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Restoration of accounting and tax records are required in case of their absence, incorrect or incomplete system of accounting, as well as presenting mistakes.

Restoration of accounting is the fix of errors in accounting, recovery of primary documents and the organization of the current accounting.

Restoration of accounting can be full or partial:

  • full recovery involves correcting data from all accounts;
  • partial recovery basis is fixes in one or more areas of accounting (settlement with partners, payroll and taxes and so on).

Ranging the accounting is time-consuming process, but we cannot work without it.

It is important to understand that the absence or distortion of information, even for a short period of time makes the wrong all subsequent data.

 Service of accounting and tax recovery includes:

• Analysis and processing of available primary documents, and the restoration of the missed documentation;

• Analysis of contractual obligations;

• Analysis of the correctness of reflection on accounts and tax records;

• Verification of the correctness of calculation and transfer taxes;

• Preparing and submitting of the accounting and tax reports;

• Consultation and assistance in the organization of the accounting department. 

 Terms and prices of accounting and tax recovery depend on the form of ownership, period, completeness of primary documents, rate of paperwork, activity and organization status.

 The price of recovery is calculated on the basis of following tariffs:

Accountant-general - 1 200 rub./hour

Accountant – 800 rub./hour

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